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Esperanza García Ortiz de Landaluce (Ph.D. 2008- …):  She is studying dinosaurs behavior analysing their tracks, as well as applying GIS technologies in the field of dinosaurs paleichnology and paleontological heritage. She is currently doing her Ph. D. about the dinosaurs footprints from La Rioja area of Cameros Basin (Spain).

One of Esperanza’s supervisors is Esperanza M. Fernández-Martínez (viz. below).

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University of León – Universidad de León, Geography and Geology, PhD student in Paleontology

Research Interests: –  Dinosaur Behaviour, Dinosaur Footprints, Dinosaur Tracks, gvSIG, Dinosaur trackways, Paleontology, Geological Heritage, Dinosaur Paleontology, Social behavior in animals, Earth Sciences, Palaeontological Heritage, Animal Behavior, Ethology, GIS, Archaeology, and Cuiltural Heritage

About: –  I obtained my Biology Degree from the University of León in 2007. Since 2007 I am doing my PhD at the University of León under the title “Dinosaur paleoichnological sites of the Cameros Basin area (N of Spain): population analysis and the aplication of new GIS technologies. Rating and paleontological heritage diagnosis” under the supervision of Dr. Félix Pérez-Lorente, Dra. Esperanza Fernández-Martínez and Dr. José Ramón Rodríguez Pérez.

Book: – Los fósiles urbanos de León. Recorridos paleontológicos desde el campus de Vegazana hasta el Albéitar

“Castaño de Luis, R.(Coord.), García Ortiz de Landaluce, E., García Parada, L., Molero Guerra, J. y Fernández-Martínez, E. 2011. Fósiles urbanos de León. Recorridos paleontológicos desde el Campus de Vegazana hasta el Albéitar. Oficina Verde, Universidad de León, 64 pp. (In Spanish)” [ Deals with: Paleontology, Cultural Heritage Management, Paleontological Heritage, and Geological Heritage. ]

Download this book (.pdf) –


Talk: –  “Diez años de paseo con los fósiles urbanos en León” (Concerns ….  Popular Science, Geoheritage, Paleontological Heritage, Urban Fossils, and Paleontological Routes.)

a) Guided excursion with students from the “Universidad de la Experiencia”.

b) Eocene equinoids in paving stone next to the León Museum.

c) Group around a goniatitid at San Isidoro Square.

Download the talk (.pdf) –




Esperanza M. Fernández-Martínez.  Palaeontology Professor, University of Leon, Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Campus of Vegazana s/n, 24171 Leon,  Spain, Email:  (Website: )

Research Interests

  • Systematics and Palaeoecology of Tabulate Corals
  • Palaeoecology and Evolution of Palaeozoic Reefs
  • Carbonate Systems
  • Ecosystem response to catastrophic environmental change
  • Bio- and Geoevents


  • 1993 PhD in Palaeontology, University of Oviedo, Spain
  • 1985 BSc Honours in Geology, University of Oviedo, Spain

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